About Me


I am a forty-something woman who has had a twenty-something-year-long love affair with fashion dolls. I began my foray into this weird and wonderful world in my senior year in college, when my mother and I happened upon a Scarlett O’Hara collector Barbie in the window of a local doll shop. (Remember those?) We were smitten, and mom bought me the doll for Christmas that year. We soon stumbled upon the doll collector circuit, complete with its shows, conventions, and local clubs. In time, we were wooed away from Barbie by the likes of Tyler Wentworth, and that lovely lady and her crew have dominated my collection during the past ten years. Today, Tyler has been joined in my collection by several of her resin fashion sisters as well as a sampling of dolls as diverse as Annette Himstedt’s and Helen Kish’s creations.

I earn my living as a professional writer, and it is my hope that this blog will combine my love of writing and dolls to lend some insight and humor into the strange world of fashion doll collecting.

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