The lovely DeeAnna Denton

Each week, the Prego doll discussion board posts a specific theme, and readers are invited to share photos that fit that theme. This week the theme is “Favorite Tonner Sculpt,” and it struck me just how difficult it can be to choose one Tonner face above the rest. I’ve been collecting Tonner dolls since 2003, and, during that time, I’ve seen what I believe to be the best doll artistry in the world. Robert Tonner’s exquisite facial sculpts breathe life into his vinyl creations, and many fashion doll collectors agree that his sculpts are the the industry’s most realistic.

Like many collectors, Tyler Wentworth’s lovely face was the one that first pulled me into the world of 16-inch collectible dolls. She was soon joined on my display shelves by Sydney Chase and the talent of the Chase Modeling Agency: Esme, Ashleigh, Stella, Kit, Jac, and Angelina. Others would follow. Cinderella, Euphemia, Mera, Carrie, Layne, Brenda Starr, and Daphne all took their places in my collection and my heart. I loved each one and truly had no favorite.

Until DeeAnna.

Tonner introduced DeeAnna Denton in 2008 and imagined her as a 1950s heiress to a chewing gum empire founded by her father. Her 17-inch, curvy body was quite unlike what had become known as the “Tyler body,” with its generous bust and small waist. Her face was simultaneously youthful and sophisticated. I thought she had the loveliest expression I had ever seen on a fashion doll. I found her markedly different from the Tonner fashion doll sculpts that had come before her. Upon adding her to my collection, I knew that I could finally declare that I had a “favorite” among Tonner’s many lovely faces.

The many faces of DeeAnna Denton. All photos are courtesy of the talented Angela Nielsen.

DeeAnna in Kitty DeeAnna nightie DeeAnna basic DeeAnna BW DeeAnna sepia Spot on

And I must add one more…

When my son was born four years ago, I was going out of my mind with boredom during my maternity leave. So I started taking photos of my infant son with my dolls. Unbeknownst to me, my husband then took those photos and made comic strips out of them–which he later shared with the world on Facebook. This one–my favorite–stars DeeAnna. (Click on image to enlarge.)