8 Awesome Doll memes

Doll people–and fashion doll people in particular–are among the most sardonic and self-deprecating people I know. We know what most people think of our passion for all things doll, and most of us generally don’t give a shit–preferring instead to ironically assume the stereotypes that accompany the general view of us as neurotic hoarders slightly out of touch with reality. Kind of like the sci-fi nerds who dress like Chewbacca and Princess Leia as they revel in their geekdom at Comic Con. If you’ve ever attended a doll convention, you already know that our own costume-clad events are just as dorky as anything you’ll see in San Diego this week.

It is in that spirit of self-deprecating humor that many in our community have, over the years, created memes that play on our inside jokes about who we are and what we do. There was a particularly amusing image that made the rounds on FB and the doll boards last week of a truck carrying what is surely the most obscenely large Amazon box ever created. (Spoiler alert: The box contained a Nissan and was a publicity stunt for car sales on Amazon. Sorry–no dolls.)

AmazonThis meme sent me searching for others created by our community, and a friend of mine sent me several that she has been collecting. As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to share them on my blog.

So enjoy this heavy dose of dolly humor, and remember that you are in the company of some very funny, very clever, very talented people. (And if you have any of your own, please share with the rest of us!)

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