Ebay Steals

I spend way too much time on Ebay. Besides buying dolls and selling dolls to afford more dolls, I enjoy doing general research to keep tabs on what dolls are worth and where prices are trending. Of course, I always have my eye out for my “grails” and the ones that got away. I spend a lot of time searching for dolls and outfits from years past that I’d like to add to my collection.

In the course of all this research (don’t tell my employer), I keep a running tab of what I consider “deals” in the secondary fashion doll market. So occasionally I’m going to share the love and post those deals on my blog. (Except the dolls I plan to bid on—you’ll have to find those on your own.) 😉

So without further ado, these are the auctions I’m looking at this week. As of this posting, the prices are relatively low.

  • Cristal Peggy Harcourt—This doll uses the original DeeAnna 17” voluptuous body. She’s got a sexy pout and curves in all the right places. What’s not to love?
Cristal Peggy Harcourt
  • Bal Harbour outfit—This is a classic Tonner multi-piece resort set. As with most early Tonner, the quality is top-notch. And this one is NRFB.
Bal Harbour outfit
Ensemble Sport
  • Brenda Starr Showstopper—This may sound hyperbolic, but it’s also true: This Brenda is easily the most overlooked of her kind. She has rare blonde hair (only used on one other Brenda), and her outfit is meticulously detailed. And the jools—to die for.
Brenda Starr Showstopper
  • Basic Simone Rouge—Simone was introduced as Tiny Kitty’s French friend a ways back, and, like many of Tonner’ great sculpts, she disappeared almost as soon as she was introduced. I’m not a big fan of the TK sculpt, but I couldn’t resist Simone. She brings a sophistication to Tonner’s 13” line that I haven’t seen again. I think that she looks like Ashleigh in miniature. Great doll at any price.
Basic Simone Rouge
Bordeaux DeeAnna Denton
  • “I Take Thee Matt” Tyler Wentworth—Again, it’s no hyperbole to say that this is an under-appreciated doll. I think it’s partly because the exquisite detail of Tyler’s gown is difficult to capture in photographs. Trust me—the gown looks deceptively plain. It incorporates lace and beading that are unsurpassed in my bride dolls. And it can usually be had for a song.
“I Take Thee, Matt” Tyler Wentworth

One final note: I really appreciate the feedback I’ve received, and I definitely want to encourage comments on my blog—whether you agree with my opinions or not. But I also reserve the right not to post inflammatory or overly negative comments. This is not meant to be a bitch-fest … It’s a platform for sharing and promoting our love of our hobby and the artists who make it possible. So play nice, and feel free to contribute to the discussion (politely).

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