Happy Mother’s Day

Today more than any other, I think of my own dear mom. She is still physically with me, but Alzheimer’s has essentially taken her away, as she no longer recognizes me or anyone else. Today I’d like to celebrate her the way she used to be. Mom and I started collecting dolls together 21 years ago, and our mutual love for the hobby brought us together in a way nothing else had before. We traveled to conventions, played together, and made new friends all over the country. Some of my best memories of mom are dolly memories. So here’s to you mom–my best dolly friend and the best mom ever.

3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Here’s to your mom, and thanks for telling us about her. I’m so sorry she is no longer able to share your joys with you.


  2. So feel your emotion, my mother was also the path to my doll world and later a collector on the side lines as I became involved in the Gene doll world. I would love to have her back for just one more laugh and sigh over life. Thanks for sharing.


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